Coffee Benefits

Brewed from coffee beans, this dark drink has come to be loved by many. There are those who cannot survive a day without at least 5 cups and there are the occasional coffee drinkers. Whatever category it is that you fall in, you will definitely agree that whoever designed the drink needs to be given a medal. Its tantalizing taste will leave you yearning for more but that is not all. There are just so many coffee benefits! In this article is an insightful look at some of the proven ones.

Improved energy levels and Smartness
Ever had a cup of coffee at night? Then you probably know this is true. It has long been believed that if you want to stay awake late in the night, you need to take a lot of coffee. This belief is actually true and has been proven by scientists. Coffee contains a stimulant substance known as caffeine. Like all other stimulants, it is absorbed into the blood and then transported to the brain. At the brain, caffeine blocks adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter resulting in the increase of other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine. These result in increased firing of the brain neurons. This increased firing is responsible for boosting energy levels and increased intellectual capabilities.

Protection against Type II Diabetes
This is a disease affecting blood sugar levels acquired by some people due to decrease in the blood insulin levels. This increased glucose in blood is due to failure of converting glucose into glycogen for storage in body tissues. It is a very dangerous disease which can be fatal and requires total lifestyle changes to manage. Like has been said, prevention is better than cure and the good news is that this is exactly what coffee allows you to do. Recent studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a 25-50% reduction in risk. To achieve this result, coffee uptake needs to be increased by at least a cup a day. Start today and stay safe from diabetes.

Better Physical Performance
Have you been trying to lose body fat for a sexier smoother look? Or perhaps you want to improve your performance in physical exercises? Whatever is the case it is best to think of incorporating coffee into your daily dietary plans. By increasing the blood levels of adrenaline, coffee prepares the body for a ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. In this state, the body is able to be manipulated in physical activity without wearing out fast. This improves physical performance during exercise but this is not the only mechanism by which coffee achieves this. It stimulates the nervous system which results in increased breakdown of fat cells. These broken fats are introduced into blood as fatty acids which in turn act as sources of fuel or energy for exercising. By combing these two mechanisms, coffee has been proven to improve physical performance by 11-12% on average. Simply take a cup half an hour before you begin to exercise and be ready for the best workout session.

Coffee as a Nutritional Punch
A meal is no good if it does not nourish the body with essential nutrients. Coffee is not one of those filler drinks that add no value to the body of a person. It is associated with many nutrients all of which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Some of the nutrients associated with drinking coffee are Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Manganese, potassium, magnesium and niacin. All these are micronutrients which though required by the body in low quantities are very important. They act as coenzymes and cofactors in many enzymatic reactions that take part in the body for proper functioning. To add even more nutrition to a cup of coffee and make it more important to the body, one can use a coffee milk mixer to add in some milk and get calcium, protein and fats among other nutrients found in milk.

Prevention of old-age diseases
One of the most dreaded realities about growing old is the decrease in health and susceptibility to diseases. Such include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and heart-related problems. The first two are associated with degeneration of the nervous system but with coffee intake their occurrence can be decreased greatly. With regular uptake of coffee, the risk of suffering from the two has been shown to decrease by 65% and 30-50% respectively. Heart-related diseases have been proven to decrease by 38% due to increased intake of coffee by a recent study in Japan. All this takes is taking two cups of coffee a day!

coffee benefits


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